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i decided to use livejournal again but i moved.
i don't know if you want to read it, i talk about a lot of personal things in there but i really want to keep a record of the next couple of months because my life is going to change drastically, especially after i move out.

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I'm going on a Sufjan kick for a while. Jeeze, why is he so awesome?
Everyone thinks I'm on drugs. Hahahahaahah, oh gee. Not really. Well actually, yeah. I just have been acting really weird lately. I'm talking Paula Abdul-weird. Know why? I'm just really happy. Like, dsafjjdsaf/ You know when you are so happy, you just don't give a flippin' hoot about anything or anyone, you are just so happy that you are happy and that's all you care about!
Just little things make me happy. You know, I discovered an old friend today.
I went into the garage after school and I saw my old bike just sitting there with at least an inch of dust on the wheels. And I thought to myself, "Why don't I take this ole bessy for a ride?" So I kicked up the kickstand and took off, pedaling as hard and as fast as I could. I rode all the way to the library and chilled there for a bit. Then I went towards publix and back.
On the way home, I came around a corner and the sun burst into my eyes and it was brilliant. Just the sun shining on me and my hair being blown away from my face and it was just one of those moments where you feel infinite, where your reality is right then and there and it hits you.
Other things make me happy, too. Do you know how awesome these next few months are going to be? Senior effing year, right here baby. And I have an awesome, handsome and amazing boyfriend who I can't take my eyes off of, and awesome and amazing friends and so many good times ahead of me.
Despite hard times, you take what you have and make the best of it and screw the rest.

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Wellll, I still don't know what I did, heh.

Last Saturday, I went to Jarrod's Dad's place. It was awesome, because his neighborhood has its own private beach, and Jarrod has this one special spot that he wanted to show me. So there we were, walking along together lalalaa. It started to rain a bit and we couldn't see anything because it was dark and the moon wasn't out. But it was still nice. We rounded a corner and there before us was this cute little lagoon! I love that little place, I can see why Jarrod always goes there. And I don't know, it was just nice to be there with him.
And thennnnnnnnn it started to rain harder, so we walked back. We crawled through the gates and Jarrod's dad picked us up. I was nervous about meeting him! But there was no need for that, really. He was very nice and funny and made me feel right at home. He cooked the best freakin' shrimp I've ever had too.
dsfklajks Superstar was on the comedy channel so Jarrod and I watched it and we basically quoted the whole thing, haaaaa.
I had a stupid curfew, though. I'VE NEVER HAD A CURFEW BEFORE IN MY LIFE. grrrrsaerfsdf.
On the way home, Jarrod and I fell asleep on each other, ha. Except not really, I think we just dozed off a bit. But I was like, an hour late and I got in trouble. Sheesh.

fddsfds Friday is the He Is Legend concert! That's Jarrod's Christmas present to me, yayyyyy.
I am talking about him too much sorrryyyyyyyyy.

Uhm. Yesterday, I spent $25 on underwear again :(
I don't know what I'm doing for New Years, I have to work until 7 or something. Ugh.

damn i need to find a ride tonight.
i'm serious, i would appreciate it x's 349829432.
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"Hey, Mum! I brought you home your favourrriiiiteee!" I handed her a loaf of Holiday Bread from Panera which she raves on and on about.
She half smiled.
"And I also brought home a Panini for Dad and a couple of pastries, too. Although the cookies are for Jarrod because those are the kind that he loves the best, you know. I practically had to hide them from everybody there."
Nothing, just a vacant stare.
"Oh and I also closed the Cafe area all by myself for the first time, no help or anything."
"That's great, honey."
And then I got that feeling. You know, that inexplicable feeling that you get when you know you have messed up realllly badly and everything is going to be different for a loong while.
I shifted in my seat. "Aren't you glad to see me? What's wrong?"
"I don't want to talk about it right now."

what did i do. seriously.

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it's amazing what a good night's rest can do. and a bit of retail therapy.
i got my paycheck, it was only a weeks worth pay but whatever, it's still nice to have some extra money in my pocket.
and my boyfriend won't tell me what he freaking wantssssss so i have to guess. :( but that's okay. i forgive him.
tomorrow he is coming home with me after school and we are going to chillax a bit and then go out to a nice dinner, hurrrah! i love dressing up for these things.

uhmmm my last two exams are tomorrow, yayy! and work was actually not that bad tonight.
so life is good.

ps eileen where are youu?

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So I was wrong! I am not forever deemed to be a Singleton! Now, we can safely scratch me out of that category and put me into "Happily Attached" or perhaps simply "Taken".

More details l8r frndz. And trust me, there are plenty. ;D